How Shout-Out Pads and Spot-On Cards Impact Lives at Gold’s Gym

Think the contents of a single box of Shout-Out Pads and Spot-On Cards can inspire and impact the lives of your employees? What about the lives of your clients, members, and guests?

Kristin Gettleman, General Manager of Gold’s Gym in Shallotte, NC was looking for something to inspire her team.

Shout-Out Pads and Spot-On Cards did that… and more. Much more.

Hear Kristin tell her full story in this video…


The impact they had on the gym culture went farther than she ever imagined.

The team was inspired and embraced an atmosphere of peer-to-peer support and recognition.

Gym members built a family atmosphere by praising each other.

Employees and members are sharing them all over social media and tagging the gym in the posts.

It even generated revenue through new memberships!

According to Kristin, “If you want your culture to go from 60% to 100%, if you seriously want that culture to change, and if you’re truly looking to show your employees that you care, from a one-on-one standpoint and from an upper management standpoint… if you want all that to change, then you would do it.”

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Create an atmosphere of peer-to-peer support and recognition among your employees.

Get your clients, members, and guests involved.

You’ll be amazed at the power of sincere thanks and genuine appreciation when it starts to spread in your business.

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