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Here’s why you need it

Most people have an employee recognition program because it’s a nice thing to do. They like doing something special for their employees. We think that’s awesome!

Did you know an employee recognition program also makes great business sense? When you use strategic criteria to build your program, it not only pays for itself, it becomes a revenue generating machine.

Here’s how it all works

Check out the ROI (Return on Investment) calculator below.

1. Set your current monthly sales
2. Set your estimated percent of increased sales
3. Enter your investment for your recognition program.
(If you don’t already know this, contact an Employee Engagement Specialist here)

Your investment not only pays for itself, it’s making you money!

Clients using our program like this are seeing ROI percentages in the thousands, some in the tens of thousands. Don’t believe it? Enter your own numbers below and see for yourself…

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