Never forget to say thank you again.

Rise helps busy managers
remember to say “Thank You!”

Note: Available only on the iPhone right now.

Rise by MyEmployees

Don’t let your employee recognition fall behind. After you talk with an employee, jot a quick note in Rise to keep track of when & how you recognized him or her.

According to research, employees perform best when receiving verbal praise every 7-10 days.

Rise helps you stay on track.

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Add your people

This only needs to be done once. Whether you have 5 or 50 on your team, it’s awesome to see them all on the same screen.

This helps visualize your whole team so you can evaluate who earns the most recognition, and who could use some more training.

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Add a quick note

Keeping your notes brief will save you time, and give you a history of all your employees’ accomplishments.

Your notes are automatically saved for up to 100 days, so you can see how each person is growing.

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Get reminders

Customize the number of days between reminders for each employee.

We believe it should be 7-10, and you can choose the number that best fits your team.

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What do the colors mean?

Offering a quick visualization of your data, the colors help you see who is up to date with their recognition, and who needs to be praised.

Open the Settings and adjust what day to start your alerts by changing the “Days to Reminder.”

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Send us your winners

Current MyEmployees clients using our full recognition programs can submit their monthly winners through the app.

Open the Settings and tap on “Send us a message”. Enter your winners’ names and send the email. It’s that simple.

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Android user?

The Android version of Rise is currently in development and should be ready soon. Until then, you can still find the previous MyEmployees App in the Google Play store.