We Enjoy A Little Recognition, Too

Since its start in 1989, MyEmployees has learned a thing or two about employee recognition, employee engagement, and leadership development. We’re humbled when we receive honors and accolades for all our hard work in helping each of our clients engage their workforce. We’re also honored when we’re asked for quotes and input on leadership matters around … Read more

[VIDEO] 8 Steps to Employee Development: How to Retain and Grow Your Best Talent

“A team that isn’t growing is stagnating” If you had a dream team, what would it look like? Would it be full of quick-start strategists or process extraordinaries? When you look around, do you see visionaries plotting next steps, or implementers organizing projects with flawless execution? What kind of attitudes will your team members have? … Read more

Tips for the Right Way to Use Employee Recognition

Recently, companies have increased the use of employee recognition programs as a means to positively impact employee morale and help improve workforce engagement. Also, these programs increase productivity and prevent increasing turnover rates by creating a better environment for the staff. But employee recognition programs should go beyond literally just telling your employees they’ve done … Read more