A reminder of why we do what we do

Every now and then, you need a reminder why you do what you do.

The team at MyEmployees got one of those reminders from a great client:  Environmental Services – Fulton County School System.

Coordinator, Eric Flint, took a moment to share some pics from a recent awards presentation.

The looks on those faces are what it is all about…

Hear what Eric has to say about the presentations, the feelings that were shared, and his excitement about the rewards program:

Wanted to share the first round of pictures from yesterday and today.  We are going around and surprising the custodial staff with the awards this week.  Today was the quintessential moment for me to why we need to do this. 

Ms. Katherine Astin who is our head custodian at Langston Hughes High School and one tough nut to crack cried today!  She was so surprised and so taken that someone has recognized her that she started to cry.  Her principal, assistant principal and even my EST John Feagin could not believe it, as she is a tough cookie and is always pushing to make sure her school is clean.  Then we went to another school and Mr. Felipe Reyes there got a little teary eyed too.  These two have worked together at different schools and both have been with the county for years.  They were both surprised and appreciative too.  This made my day…week for that matter!

Yesterday was some of the same minus the tears.  But there has been absolute disbelief that this is actually happening now.  So, I must say, thank you to your company for getting a program like this together.  As well thank you to you all for your help with this too.  As the person in charge of Environmental Services for Fulton County Schools I am amazed that something has not been done like this, but am truly grateful that I get to be the one to introduce this to our department within Fulton County School System.  I am ready to see what more fun I get to have with this at the presentation that are left and the coming months.

Also, all the principals have taken pictures as well.  They are emailing them out to all school staff and posting them on the school’s twitter feeds as well.  So, we are getting some good PR just from that.  Not to mention our Communications Department will receive all the photos we are taking and they are going to put out an internal communication to all FCS about this and our winner’s pictures too.

Thank you for sharing your special moments with us, Eric! We’re honored to be a part of them!


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Matthew Coleman

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