Workers on the Front Lines of the Pandemic

The unsung heroes of the pandemic are the men and women who are waking up every day, heading into work, and knocking it out so the rest of us can have the supplies we need.

These workers are pulling doubles, covering shifts, and working long hours. Most of that work is done behind the scenes, where the average consumer doesn’t see it.

CNN contacted retail worker across America and put together this great video of workers who need recognition.

If you have to make a run to the store today, be sure to thank the person working the register or stocking the shelves. In all the madness, you may be the only person who says it to them all day.

For managers of these great employees, they need to hear it from you now more than ever. Take this opportunity to be the leader they remember when this is all said and done; be the leader that says…

“Thank you!”

Check out these stories from clients who are using the MyEmployees system to recognize superstar employees.

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