10 Reasons You’re Losing Employees

Whenever an employee leaves your company, the reason why can leave you scratching your head. Was it a new, better opportunity? Were they offered more money? Were they just looking for a change? If you’ve been in any position of leadership long enough, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to guess why employees leave. As … Read more

How to Improve Employee Engagement with Recognition

Do you have employees who make the same mistakes a second, third, and fourth time? When an employee begins to show poor work (life) habits on the job, how do you handle the situation? Repeatedly late to work, cutting corners, complaining, poor communication with you and their peers, etc.  Disengaged employees are not only frustrating, … Read more

The Motley Band of Superstars: Production Department

What’s it like to be a member of the production team at MyEmployees? It’s an animated concoction of hard work, endless random fanboy debates, high performance, and workplace camaraderie. Seven men make up the production team, and in 2018 they were responsible for producing and shipping 166,235 units for nearly 9,000 active clients. In 2019, … Read more

FAQ’s and SAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions In this section, we’ve provided answers to the most frequently asked questions we get from current clients. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact us. Q: How do I turn in winners? A: You have several options for turning in your monthly winners. The best (and quickest) way … Read more

[VIDEO] 8 Steps to Employee Development: How to Retain and Grow Your Best Talent

“A team that isn’t growing is stagnating” If you had a dream team, what would it look like? Would it be full of quick-start strategists or process extraordinaries? When you look around, do you see visionaries plotting next steps, or implementers organizing projects with flawless execution? What kind of attitudes will your team members have? … Read more

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Employee Recognition

Satisfaction and happiness are contagious. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, find ways to make your employees happy. Therefore, when your employees are content at work, your customers have good experiences. As a result, business sees a boost. According to Shep Hyken, a national survey found that engaged employees improve customer satisfaction. That leads … Read more

Happy 4th of July!

fourth of july indpendence day at myemployees

We never miss a chance to get dressed up! Holidays give us the perfect opportunity. Here’s the gang from MyEmployees decked out in the Red, White, & Blue in honor of Independence Day!