Jeffrey Hands out High Fives

At MyEmployees, our customer service effort on the front lines is led by our Engagement Coaches. This awesome bunch of folks is responsible for communicating with clients and managing accounts. Our Engagement Coaches provide the support, guidance, and accountability that our clients expect and appreciate.

Here’s an example of one of those stories, as told by Jeffrey Moomey, Personnel Coordinator for Walmart #2734 in Norman, OK.

Jeffrey was in a pinch and needed help. He was so impressed with the service he received from Gina, along with his everyday service from his regular EC, Steven, that he took the time to write the following email to our Client Success Manager, Tony Robinson…


My name is Jeff and I am the Personnel Coordinator at Store 2734 in Norman Oklahoma. 

I wanted to take a few minutes to visit with you about your employees. I am not sure how often you give out GREAT JOBs or High Fives to your employees, however, these two deserve one. 

Yesterday I called after submitting the names for Associate of the month. At the end of the day(4:15ish)  I was panicked because I had discovered a spelling error. 

i needed to reach Steven before he left I was attempting to leave for the day and I was panicked because of the spelling error on an associates name. Gina answered the phone SUPER FRIENDLY SUPER HELPFUL even though I asked for Stephen I thought he was the only one that could help me. Gina jumped right in and said I got you covered she pulled it up and fixed the spelling and put me at ease. I hope we made it before the plates were generated. 

Also Steven has been my account rep for awhile. I always run late with the names for the Associate of the Month. He is always faithful in calling emailing and reminding me that they are due. Which is great because I always have to remind my boss to give me the names. 

He has always been friendly and never been short or harsh with me even thought this last time we submitted 3 months worth at one time. 

Jeffrey Moomey Personnel Coordinator

Wal-Mart Store #2734
601 12th AVE N.E. 

Our greatest joy is a satisfied client. Getting email like that lets us know that all the hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence is totally worth it.

Thank you, Stephen & Gina, for being awesome Engagement Coaches and always putting your client’s needs first!

Thank you, Jeffrey, for taking time out of your busy day to let us know that what we do makes a difference in your life!

What’s your story?

We love hearing how employee recognition is coming to life in your business and seeing pics from client presentations. It gives us a chance to share in the celebration!

Share your stories and send us your pics by either:

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  2. Sharing them with your Engagement Coach via phone or email

We may feature you as one of our Customer Stories in our Learning Center, and share it with everyone in our network, too!

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