The 3 Rs of Employee Recognition Done Right: What you need to know

In our 3 part series “The 3 R’s of Employee Recognition Done Right,” we took you through the pillars of employee recognition broken down into 3 key focus points:

Here’s what you need to know to supercharge employee recognition in your business:

R1 – Realize

Your employee recognition program has the power to skyrocket your results, inspire your employees, and turn your clients into raving fans. The secret to your success lies in proper preparation and planning of what you want to track and measure. The first “R” of recognition done the right way is Realize. Sit down with your management team. Discuss the goals of your business and how your team helps you Realize those goals.

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R2 – Recognize

If you and your management team have taken the time to properly set goals/criteria, measure your team members’ performances, purchased awards, and set an awesome time & place to present the awards…don’t waste all that effort by having someone casually and insincerely present them to your team members.

The awards will probably still have some benefits if you’re doing everything else right, but not near the impact they could have. They must come from the heart, not just the teeth. If your heart is in the right place, it will be obvious, and the benefits to your winners and team will be equally as obvious. Anyone presenting an award should want to be doing so, and for the right reasons.

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R3 – Repeat

Creating a warm and fuzzy feeling for a few minutes when awarding your team can have some positive effects for a while, but that “new car smell” will wear off quickly if your recognition program isn’t executed properly.

The benefits of permanently incorporating praise and continuous improvement into your team’s culture are incomparable to any other approach. Otherwise, you find yourself looking for the next recognition “flavor of the week” to seemingly appease yourteam…then that “new car smell” wears off again…repeat (and not the good kind).

Always be thinking of ways your leadership team can improve the process of selecting winners, presenting awards, and painting a clear target for your team to hit. New initiatives are launched all the time. Are you re-aligning your recognition program to match your company’s new initiatives and goals? You should be.

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