27 years later, STILL one of the fastest growing companies in the country

In 1989, MyEmployees founder & CEO, David Long, lost everything. At age 31, David was forced to move back in with his parents, and take his wife and three children with him. As you can imagine, it was a rather humbling experience. David knows what it means to fail… and fail hard.

But, there was a silver lining to that very dark cloud: David started his now $10 million/yr business in his parents’ garage.

For the next 27 years, David pushed and grew his entrepreneurial endeavor on to significant success. So much so that, in a time when technological start-ups dominate the business headlines, a time-tested, ROI-delivering, battle-proven employee recognition & engagement provider like MyEmployees STILL competes as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

On August 17, 2016, MyEmployees was honored with a spot on the 2016 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

The mission of MyEmployees is to engage America’s workforce one manager, one employee at a time… forging stronger companies in the process. We’d like to thank, first and foremost, all of the amazing clients who allow us to fulfill that mission by providing them the tools, resources, and guidance that help them lead, manage, and engage their teams.

A huge thank you also goes to the team at MyEmployees. We’re more than a team, we’re a family. Thank you all for your dedication to our clients, to the mission of MyEmployees, and to the support of each other. It’s because of you that we are where we are.

Congratulations, MyEmployees, on being named to the 2016 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America!!!

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