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The feedback we get from our clients and customers is how we measure our success. Here are some real testimonials, from real people, who use the MyEmployees employee recognition system.

You’ll hear stories about increasing employee motivation, finding hidden profit centers, unique ideas for supercharging an employee of the month program, and more. You’ll also notice the wide variety of industries that use the MyEmployees employee recognition system, and how each finds ways to maximize it in their business.

Jamie @ Cracker Barrel

Jamie at Cracker Barrel saw the positive impact employee of the month awards has on her employees. The team works harder to earn the employee recognition, and there’s a boost in employee morale. She’s also got a neat trick to make earning the award fun (listen when she talks about the “secret square”). Oh, by the way, she’s had the same employee of the month program in every Cracker Barrel restaurant she’s worked in. Give it a listen…

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Jackie @ Sam’s Club

Jackie at Sam’s Club says her team loves the employee of the month plaques! The managers do a phenomenal job of making a big deal out of their presentation ceremonies, so you’ll get some great pointers here. Jackie also likes the good-hearted competitive spirit that’s now a part of her workplace culture, and now everyone works a little bit harder for a shot at winning employee recognition honors. Also, check out how they tied in improvements in safety and shrinkage as part of the results. Listen here for details..

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Heather @ Fairfield Inn by Marriott

Heather at Fairfield Inn by Marriott saw an increase in employee morale, and now everyone on the staff wants to be the next person to win employee of the month honors! Give a listen…

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Gwen @ Brookdale Senior Living

Check out the cool stuff happening with Gwen at Brookdale. Emotional responses from employees who win employee of the month is not uncommon. Employee recognition can have a real impact on your employees’ lives. Gwen’s community even started an “employee council” to take their employee appreciation efforts to the next level! Hear all about it here…

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Carl @ Sportsman’s Warehouse

Short but sweet. Carl from Sportsman’s Warehouse saw improvements in employee motivation, and a spirit of competition emerged. Check it out…

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Brian @ Walmart

Brian from Walmart attributes the improvements in his store to the effects of employee recognition. He took his store’s score from 6.78 (what he calls “horrible”) to an 8.6, which represents a dramatic increase for that metric! Listen to Chris in his own words…

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Birch @ Walgreens

Birch from Walgreens didn’t have a single hesitation about renewing his annual employee of the month program. In fact, he was worried what the employees would say if he didn’t! Check it out here…

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Ben @ Towneplace Suites by Marriott

Ben with Towneplace Suites by Marriott believes the employee of the month program encouraged everyone to buy into the company culture and philosophy. The result was a substantial increase in guest service scores, going from the low-to-mid 60s into the upper 70s. That’s quite an increase! Here Ben describe it here…

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Ben @ Logan’s Roadhouse

Ben with Logan’s Roadhouse shares a story about a woman he recognized who had NEVER received any kind of employee recognition. It was a great moment for her, and for him. Listen to this touching story here…

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Ashley @ Lowe’s Home Improvement

Ashley from Lowe’s Home Improvement saw tremendous buy-in from the team for their employee of the month program. The employees take it seriously, and ask what they need to do to be recognized. Because of the increased employee engagement, the store went from a customer satisfaction score in the mid 60s to the mid 80s! Customer focus scores improved, customer surveys went up, and mystery shops are a lot better, too. He also did a great job of incorporating his MyEmployees program with the Lowe’s corporate program, so together they give his employee of the month program added power! Here it all from Ashley here…

To see custom awards for Lowe’s Home Improvement, click HERE.

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