Never Underestimate the Results of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is an underrated, yet effective way of getting more out of your team. When you make recognition a priority, you’ll see direct benefits of increased engagement and a workforce that feels appreciated. However, the indirect results of employee recognition are regularly overlooked. In this article, you’ll learn about additional value shared with your … Read more

Welcome Back!

As you enter this new season, we’re renewing our commitment to your success. This post has some important tips for starting a new year with your program, along with a few refreshers on the recognition basics.

Becoming a Great Leader – Part 1: Vision

A great leader is someone people look to and depend on for guidance and vision. Someone who meets adversity head on and pulls others up to higher levels. If you’re starting to sweat a little because this seems like a lofty goal, that’s okay. It is a lofty goal – which is why few people … Read more

6 Employee Rewards Program Mistakes

Gina couldn’t understand what was going on. She rolled out an employee rewards program last year, but it didn’t seem to be working as well as she saw at other locations. What did she do wrong? In order to reap the benefits of an employee recognition program, you have to do it right. If you … Read more

Sharing Recognition Best Practices at the Griswold Home Care National Conference

Our Marketing Director, Matthew Coleman, accepted an invitation to speak at the Griswold Home Care National Conference in Philadelphia. It was a great chance to share and learn with a client who aims to provide a top-level employee experience. The conference is an annual event for Griswold Home Care leaders. They come together to sharpen … Read more