Get honest, anonymous input from front line employees about their thoughts on their job, workplace, and management


Work side-by-side with your own personal STAR Culture Specialist to use what you you learn to make improvements


Make changes that last through a process of continuous improvement and employee appreciation


We not only give you the awards to recognize your workforce, we help and support you along the way. You are not along.



Get to know the 56 people almost 10,000 companies trust to help them create high-performance teams.


Read fresh perspectives on industry trends, best practices, tips for success and how we put our own advice into action.

What is it like to work with us?





Ryan Osbrink, General Manager ~ Chick-Fil-A

“You guys are great in taking care of me over the past several years. And always on top of reminders to get names in. I appreciate it!”


Craig Kwasniewski, Director of HR ~ Panera Bread Company

“We rolled out the Spot-On Program and it’s getting good reviews. We wanted to equip a few more people with the kits, if possible. Would there be a way that you could send me 13 more. We are going ‘all-in’ with this program.”


Mike Town, Manager ~ FedEx Ground

“Yes, I did receive the ERR Chart. It is great, I really like being able to chart my employees for their achievements each month. I actually forwarded the chart to my Human Resources group and they also commented how it will be helpful for other FedEx locations.”

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