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Free 8x10 Year-end Plaque

Each program title purchase includes a free 8x10 plaque. Gold and solid walnut... Product info

For Managers

Experience & Research

For 25 years we have been helping managers recognize the excellent performance of their front-line and service employees. The relationship that managers build with their team members makes all the difference. But most managers need training, guidance and support to carry out a successful employee engagement strategy. Respect, results, reward...

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Corporate Engagement

Company-wide Growth

Here’s an employee turnover calculator to help you understand just how much money employee turnover truly costs YOUR business each year. Once business owners, HR managers, CFOs, and CEOs get a look at the real numbers lost each year, quarter or even a single month… they need to take a hard look at what needs to be done to slow that tide.

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"Built To Lead"

Become a Top 10% Manager

Built to Lead is a "get-in-the-trenches, no-holds-barred" discussion about maximizing your ability to have an amazing management career. It tackles, head-on, the lies you've been told about how to reach the top in your company, and shows you what REALLY WORKS!

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