Send your monthly winners through Rise

If you’re using the MyEmployees monthly rewards and recognition program in your business, did you know you can submit your monthly winners through Rise, too?

It’s easy… here’s the step-by-step process:

1. Go to the “Settings” at the top left of the home screen.


2. In the settings screen, click “Send us a message.”


A pre-populated email addressed to MyEmployees automatically opens up, with your name, company, phone, and email. This helps us find your account.


3. Add your monthly winners, and hit send.


We’ll take it from there! As soon as we get your email, we’ll make sure that your awards for the month on their way ASAP.

Not already using the monthly program?

Say what?!

Kidding, of course. If you’ve not had the chance to check out the full monthly programs we offer at MyEmployees, you really need to check them out TODAY.

The monthly program is like Rise on hyperdrive. Not only are you showing your team regular appreciation, with the monthly program you learn the tools behind super-charging your employee motivation, morale, and engagement.

You also learn how to strategically build your program in a way that it not only pays for itself, it brings back a 10x Return on Your Investment.

Schedule a chat with one of our team members today, and you could get started as early as tomorrow.

Pick a time that fits best for YOUR schedule by clicking HERE, and take Rise to the next level.