Here’s How Strategically-minded Team Leaders at Keller Williams Develop Mega-Producers… In ANY Economic Climate.

Get the blueprint for the surprisingly simple, yet incredible effective, game plan that keeps your team hyper-focused, pressing on in the face of adversity, and outperforming every expectation.

Manda PriceTeam Leader with Keller Williams Realty in Wilmington, NC, talks about her experience with intentional recognition, and how MyEmployees helped her bring it to life in her office.

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How important is it?

You might be overlooking the most compelling and dynamic tool in your management arsenal at a time when it could have the highest impact on team performance, efficiency, and output. Getting intentional around employee recognition is your biggest opportunity as an organization. 

Question: Do you know when your real estate agents need recognition?

Answer: When they’re breathing! It’s ALL the time.

You may be recognizing your agents and employees, but are you doing it with the kind of intentionality that inspires more significant results and return on the time, effort, and money invested? Since real estate agents and professionals usually operate like independent contractors, you need powerful ways to motivate and excite them.
A strategic agent recognition program is your chance to elevate and level-up their productivity.

Reward what you want to see repeated

Push your high performers into the top 10, top 5, or overall top spot. Recognizing them monthly builds exclusivity around the system and inspires greatness. As the program gathers steam, your younger agents will come up to you and ask “How do I win that award?” 

Competitive agents benchmark each other, and that presents a powerful opportunity. It lifts up those who aspire to be on the shoulders of the next agent.

Real estate shouldn’t be looked at as a job, it’s a career. Every time an agent receives an award, you’re helping them add a thread they’ll use to weave into the story of their career. Looking at the long-term play of this business, you’re either growing or you’re dying. Formal recognition gives your agents evidence that they’re doing something right, more than just the money.  

It’s motivating to know that they did it once, therefore they can do it again. It serves as a multiplying effect.

Winners describe how recognition inspires them

“It drives me to get to the next level!”

“Winning an award is a good feeling!”

“We’re gonna need a bigger shelf!”

It will continuously level you up

Strategic recognition is an investment you’ve simply got to make. The ROI, without a doubt, is going to be there because it’s going to encourage the behavior you want to see. Then, you reward that behavior, and the output justifies any expense. 

What you focus on expands. What you look for you get more of. If you’re being intentional to reward behavior that you want more of, you’ll find it. Even in an office where profit sharing is the big motivator, where it’s what is valued as giving back and being rewarded, there’s still an opportunity and a need for awards and recognition.

Beyond profit sharing, reward and recognize what you want to see repeated. The investment that you’ll make will pale in comparison to the ROI that you’ll see in agent retention and because of the engagement that you’ll get within the office. You’ll be excited to watch your agents build their teams. Your winners will go and share their experiences on social media, and that will further your company’s story as well.

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“It’s gonna pay for itself 10x”

Another word from Manda on why getting started is such a no-brainer…

In a profit sharing company, that’s what the employees value, so there was hesitation about extra awards. After some discussions and coaching, Manda confesses she had a breakthrough about the importance of rewarding what you want to see repeated. 

At that moment, she was confident that any investment they made in strategic recognition couldn’t compare to the ROI they would see by improvements in retention and engagement, along with story it tells about the office culture.

The time is NOW

Companies that operate with systems and models have a blueprint for success, and yet what is normally missing is execution. Reward those who are actually executing on those systems, and those rewards give them examples others could be following.

Do it. Meet with your leadership team, talk with the team, and make the decision on behalf of your agents.

Working with MyEmployees provides evidence of that by coaching you through which behaviors you should highlight, so you can move forward with conviction. There’s never any need to be concerned with deadlines and turnaround. Within just a couple weeks of submitting winners to your engagement coach, your custom awards arrive at your door. Even with a small window of time, everything arrives as promised.

The whole system is surprisingly simple, yet incredibly effective.

Next Steps

If you’re the kind of leader who believes that giving back is the first step toward growing in success… if you know that your #1 asset is the team that shows up and suits up every day to serve your customers… if you are committed to excellence in everything you do, and want to show others how important this is to you and to your team… then you’re going to like what you hear.

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