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✓ Quick checklist for success

1. Bookmark this page and add my contact information to your phone
2. Choose criteria that makes your business successful
3. Connect the recognition to the criteria
4. Track the recognition through our app, or a spreadsheet
5. Turn in your winner(s) consistently and on time
6. Make the presentation of the award special
7. Check out our Learning Center

Need help choosing criteria? Read this.

My clients who are seeing the best results all have great criteria chosen by their management team… designed to increase performance. Rewarding your employees for the right things is the only way to see a true difference in their performance. These areas must be directly related to what is needed for your business to grow.

Remember “What gets rewarded gets repeated!”

The more measurable and specific your criteria is for selecting winners… the more positive effect the program will have, especially if this is clearly expressed to the associates. Remember, “You can’t hit a target you don’t see”. Make it easy for them by showing your team members what you want to see improved in your business. Tie it to things that actually increase your sales and profits.

Great questions to ask are:

1) What is the main goal of our company?
2) If achieved, what areas of performance would make us stand out in our market / district?
3) What areas of performance would we like to improve in our location?

Need help tracking criteria? Use these great tools.

Now that you have a foundation for your Program, it’s time to bring the Team Members on board!

Download and fill out the Criteria Tracking Sheet that best fits your business. Make sure that the criteria you have chosen are directly related to your company goals.

Metric Tracking Worksheets

Universal Tracking Sheet       Restaurant Tracking Sheet

Set the goals too high and it is discouraging, set them too low and it won’t be effective. Where is the happy medium?

Once you have it filled out, get everyone together and talk through what each criteria means. Answer any questions and clarify exactly how they will be able to WIN the award. Remember that this award will not just be given, but has to be earned! Once it has been presented, post the Tracking Sheet up where it will be visible to everyone on a daily basis. (Perhaps the break room?)
Update the scores at least 1x each week so that everyone can see where they are leading and where they can improve. Use this as coaching opportunities for your team to share knowledge and improve together!

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Make a huge deal when you give out the award. Here are some tips.

1. Applaud and take pictures with the managers with the winner
2. Post their picture on social media
3. Put the pictures in company newsletters, email updates and any other communication tool
4. Make sure that it is a large gathering! Include employees, clients, and customers
5. Talk about the reasons why the person won, explain the criteria that the winner excelled in
6. Remember, when you make it a big deal, they will feel like it’s a big deal
7. Your attitude is the key!

Keep this handy “Quick-Start Guide” for future reference

The Learning Center

You’ll want to check out the Learning Center on our website for tips on recognition, check out our company culture, and see how other managers celebrate winners in their pics.

The Learning Center also sends out weekly emails with links to posts that we think you’ll enjoy, so keep an eye out for those in your inbox.