Recognizing Excellence! The #1 Element in Creating YOUR World-Class Team.

Consistently Challenge and Motivate your employees to give their very best… by recognizing them with ours!

Recognizing Excellence! The #1 Element in Creating YOUR World-Class Team.

Consistently Challenge and Motivate your employees to give their very best… by recognizing them with ours!

80,000+ companies (and growing) across America have implemented our system!

“We can see a difference in the work habits.”

Frank Oliver – Walmart Supercenter, Fort Myers, FL

“I think every company should do this… big or small”

Angie Chavez – FedEx Express, Hobbs, NM

“We boosted morale & cut turnover by more than 50%!”

Ray Ingram – Buffalo Wild Wings, Columbia, SC

Why Use Awards To Improve Your Business?

More Employee Motivation

When you recognize your employees for a job well done, they’ll be more motivated to do it again… and again… and again….

Improve Your Business KPI

Pick your monthly winner based off things like customer service scores, up-sells, or online reviews/ratings, and watch them improve.

Higher Morale = More Loyalty

Improving employee morale improves loyalty. Loyal employees stay with your company, so you don’t have to worry about constant turnover.

“A happy staff will make for a happy office and a happy office makes for a profitable office. It’s something that I wouldn’t even consider NOT using.”

James Kuzilla – Griswold Home Care, Houston, TX

“It’s great! We’re up in sales big time.”

Adrianne Griffith – Olive Garden, Cherry Hill, NJ

How Can Using MyEmployees Benefit You?


Get the best effort out of your top employees. They’ll give more effort every day knowing you care and recognize the results.

Your best employees are already working hard for you. When you reward them for their effort, watch them push even harder to get that recognition again next time.

And, when you tell them exactly what it takes to win employee of the month, they’ll strive harder than ever before to get it every single time.


Keep your best employees

Since recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training are so expensive and time consuming, they can destroy bottom line profits.

Keeping your best employees is critical to profitability. When employees feel valued, their morale improves. When morale improves, you employees are more loyal.

Loyal employees stay with your company longer and don’t job-hop.


Your tenured, experienced employees stay with you longer, so they are faster and better at their job.

You use your business success KPI as selection criteria for a monthly winner, so everyone knows what it takes to win and they’re all focusing on those things.

They see rewards for their effort, so they’re motivated to work harder. Motivated employees who know the job are more productive. There’s simply no way to argue that.

Get Started

“I love your program! It works!”

Adron Evans – Homewood Suites, Largo, MD

“Everyone is super excited about it.”

Terry Moore – Outback Steakhouse, Huntersville, NC

“It’s definitely unified the team a lot more.”

Michaela Gatewood – Fairfield Inn, Clovis, NM

The MyEmployees Way

Only 2 types of awards to keep it simple

‘The Grammy’

3030Dimensions: 5.25″ x 7.75″
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‘The Traditional’

Dimensions: 5″ x 7″
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MyEmployees is the recognition program you have been looking for. You may have some questions. Here are some common questions and answers.

You may have other questions besides these, so please send us a quick email if you do:

How does this improve my business KPI?

Your monthly winner should be based on objective criteria. When you reward your employee(s) based off the things that make your business successful, you grow your business.

How do I submit my winners each month?

After your purchase, we will text you from our company number. Please add that number to your mobile phone as MyEmployees Monthly. We will text you each month from that number to ask for your winner.

Why is employee morale so important?

Keeping employees happy and motivated is the key to a thriving workplace. When employee morale is high, employees come to work because they want to, not because they have to. Your employees are more loyal, and stay with your company longer. That reduces turnover and churn, so you get to keep your best employees.

Can I recognize more than 1 employee each month?

Absolutely, we actually recommend 1 award for every 15-20 employees you have. Contact us here is you believe you need more than one.

How long before I notice any changes in my employees?

It can vary between businesses and industries, but most know for sure within 90 days. You will notice a change in employee behavior, and an overall boost in the bottom line.

“Once we set this employee recognition program up, I noticed a change in how the employees acted.”

Andy Muntzel, Burgerville, Portland, OR

“I would encourage anyone that asked about it to utilize it because it’s a great program.”

Randall Dworacyzk, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Cuero, TX

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