1 Full Year Employee of the Month Plaque Program

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The Annual Employee of the Month Plaque Program is a prepaid awards plan for 12 months. This plan includes a large lobby plaque with 12 plates as well as 12 individual 5"x7" solid walnut plaques to be awarded to your monthly achievers. ALL engraving charges are included in the price of this program!

This Plaque Program Includes:

1 – 12″x12.5″ Wall Plaque
1 – 8″x10″ Annual Award
12 – 5″x7″ Plaque Awards
12 Months of UNLIMITED Calls with an Engagement Coach
2 Minute Winner Submission in our free mobile app

Program includes 1 Spot-On Kit with:
96 – Multi-colored Cards and Envelopes
2 – Shout-Out Pads with 102 Peer-to-Peer Recognition Sheets

Examples Titles on Your Awards:

– Employee of the Month
– Team Member of the Month
– Associate of the Month
– Something custom to your store

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