Rewards & Recognition

MyEmployees is the only done-for-you employee recognition solution powered by your personal engagement coach to ensure you skyrocket your results, inspire your employees, and turn your clients into raving fans.

The Done-for-you Employee Recognition Solution


Builds Relationships

The #1 influence on how front-line employees perceive their jobs is their manager. The relationship that managers build with their team members makes all the difference.


Provides Guidance

We help you understand what to do and how to do it, give you the support and tools you need to be successful and provide you with your Personal Engagement Coach for one-to-one strategy, planning and execution throughout your program.


Encourages Repetition

At the core of our method is a done-for-you, systematic process for recognizing front-line and service employees for engaging in behavior that you would like to see them repeat.


Customized Fit

Your program is custom created and can easily accommodate any company size, regardless of number of employees or departments.


Everything Included in Your Program

5″x7″ individual plaques

for employees to keep, take home, and show off to family and friends

12″ x 12.5″ wall plaques

to showcase your top performers in your lobby, foyer, and common areas

8″x10″ year-end award plaques

for your annual celebrations

for personal, handwritten appreciation and “Shout-Out” pads for peer-to-peer recognition

Don’t just take our word for it.

Other Awards

For those times when extra recognition is required.

Certified Trainers & Long Term Associates

Employees who go the extra mile are harder to come by these days. Recognize special team members who work hard to get extra training and who stay with you for 5, 10, 20, or more years.

Photo Wall Plaque

Give your stars an added personal touch by including their photo in their recognition.

Sometimes you want to appreciate someone for a special achievement outside of normal duties. The Above and Beyond award is perfect for those occasions.

You deserve recognition, too! Order your personalized Manager on Duty plaque with interchangeable name plates for the entire management staff.