Engagement Surveys

STAR Culture is the only online employee engagement survey that diagnoses your problem, partners you with a one-to-one private engagement coach, and provides training and strategy recommendations for improvement so you can make a lasting impact and significant improvements in your workplace culture.

Get The Pulse of Your Organization


Distribute the surveys digitally

Quickly and easily get your surveys to your employees via email. Whether they are down the hall or working remotely, STAR Culture provides you the opportunity to include ALL of your employees in the feedback process so you don’t have to worry about leaving anyone out.


Create an automatic deadline

This often overlooked step is the key to survey completion. Setting a deadline increases the urgency to get the survey filled out in a timely manner so you can get your information back ASAP. STAR Culture sets the deadline for you automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.


Digitally collect the results

STAR Culture is an online survey. All of the surveys are distributed electronically and that means the results are collected digitally so you don’t have to manually collect and file completed surveys.


Tabulate results

You don’t have time to go through each and every question, for each and every employee, to track and measure the responses. STAR Culture does all of this for you by collecting the responses, categorizing them, and generating the calculated results.


Generate reports

Once you’ve got the results from the responses, STAR Culture fills a dashboard broken down by 5 categories, listing each of the 35 questions, along with a downloadable PDF report.


Detailed training

Most employee engagement surveys leave you with the results and wish you good luck. Not STAR Culture. Now it’s time to capitalize on your strengths & improve your weaknesses. STAR Culture provides detailed training with pdfs, video modules and workbooks for 6 focus categories.


Engagement Coach

Understanding employee engagement is a challenge. STAR Culture makes it simple so you can make real changes in your workplace. Your very own personal eSTAR Culture Specialist guides you through survey setup and completion, helps understand your results, works through the training, and recommends follow up action items so you get the full benefit from the entire process.