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Manager On Duty Plaque

Manager On Duty Plaque

It’s Your Reputation

When guests come into your business, you want them to immediately know who is in charge. That’s important because your reputation is what sets you apart as a leader in your industry.

It’s Your Word

Your guests need to feel confident, safe, and satisfied with their experience. When your name is on the wall, it shows them you stand behind everything that goes on at your business.

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Your Manager On Duty Plaque…

Your Manager On Duty Plaque…

  • is 9″x12″, made from solid, American Walnut, and polished with a dark, high-gloss finish
  • includes one custom, laser-engraved brass top-plate, trimmed in gold leaf, and displaying your company logo in full HD color
  • allows for interchangeable name plates for every member of your management team and every shift
  • Solid Walnut 9″x12″ Wood Plaque
  • Custom, Laser Engraved Brass Plate
  • Your High Definition Color Logo
  • Removable Name Plate

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