Think of Your Employees First to Achieve Employee Engagement

There’s tons of talk out there about the keys to employee engagement.

There’s an endless number of blog posts and research reports that claim to reveal the secret to getting peak performance out of your team.

Want to know the truth? You have to put your employees first.

That’s it. It’s a simple rule for success for any business.

It’s also a critical one.

Who do you serve?

Regardless of your business or industry, you serve a client.

Someone somewhere needs what you produce.

In order to get it from you, they interact with your employees one way or another:

  • Your production department creates top-quality products.
  • Your salespeople introduce your products to the market.
  • Your customer service department tends to every need for the life of the client.

Respect and Loyalty

Employees who are treated with respect and loyalty from their leader are more likely to deliver the top notch customer service that keeps your customers happy and coming back for more.

A great leader is someone people look to and depend on for guidance and vision, who meets adversity head on, and who pulls others up to higher levels.

It’s a lofty goal – which is why so few ever fully reach it!

But with the right attitude and action steps, you can become a great leader.

The Opportunity

You have an opportunity to improve yourself and reach for excellence.

Reflect on areas you can get better at, so you can increase and expand your sphere of influence.

Gallup’s article, The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, shows that only 32% of the US workforce is engaged at work.

In plain English, that means that only one third of active employees care about what they are doing.

According to that statistic, in the average company, two in three employees is disengaged.

That’s two out of three workers on your production floor, two out of three of your salespeople, and two out of three your customer care representatives.

Why is this important?

Disengaged employees don’t deliver the customer service you need.

They don’t care if a customer has a poor experience, writes a bad review, and doesn’t come back to your business.

A disengaged employee is just there for the paycheck.

You want to transform disengaged employees into engaged employees because managers need their employees to be engaged and productive for the success of the business.

Employee engagement is what makes the difference between an average organization and a world class organization.

Be the “World Class Organization”

In a world class organization, employees truly care about the success of the company.

They’re the ones who will work hard to make sure your clients, guests, and customers are happy.

Engaged employees meet and exceed their goals.

They strive to get promoted within the company.

They want to stay with the company for the long haul.

To get the best customer service possible, to increase sales and production, and to experience a whole new level of performance, you have to put your employees first.

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Your success depends on your employees.

They are the critical factor that determines whether or not you meet and exceed your goals.

Be greater than the average workplace

Show your employees how much you appreciate them, and you will be an organization that puts your employees first.


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