Employee Recognition: It’s That Simple

Employee morale is vital to the success of your company.

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When your employees feel valued, their engagement levels soar.

Productivity increases.

Absenteeism and tardiness dwindle.

Complaints all but cease to exist.

One of the easiest ways to set out on that course is through an employee recognition program.

When your employees are recognized and appreciated for their efforts on a regular basis, your work environment becomes one of positivity, support, and team orientation.

In fact, it’s some important that some workers are willing to leave a job if not praised enough, according to Brookie Madison at Employee Benefits Adviser.

Here are four key points to consider when creating an effective employee recognition platform:

1. Reward 

You must include some form of reward.

We call this trophy value.

Find something to symbolize the event, and personalize it wherever possible.

Don’t be tempted to use cash prizes.

Employees will say they want cash rewards, but kids say that want ice cream for dinner.

Research has shown that other forms of praise have a more lasting effect.

2. Criteria

Establish specific criteria for recognition.

Employees must know what they have to do to receive recognition.

Specific criteria also eliminates the perception of favoritism and the possibility of unfair selection practices.

BONUS TIP: use company goals and objectives as part of your criteria; sales and customer service can grow with employee morale, too.


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3. Presentation

Present the awards as publicly as possible.

Use some form of suitable presentation.

Gather the team around and explain why someone is being recognized.

It achieves two goals: everyone knows what they need to do next time for praise, and gives the recognized employee a moment in the spotlight.

4. Consistency

Most importantly, consistency is key.

Nothing crushes an employee recognition program quicker than gaps between awards.

When employees see weeks, months, even quarters go by without anyone receiving recognition, they perceive it is unimportant to management and adopt that same mentality.

Whatever schedule you plan to use to award your employees, make it a regularly scheduled business function.

The more you can mix in spot-on and in-the-moment tokens of appreciation, the greater the effect of the entire program.

Start With These Four Elements

The first step toward your higher employee engagement levels is covering these four elements.

Your employees will thank you for thanking them, and your organization’s growth and improvement are your reward.

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You only have two kinds of employees: loyalists or mercenaries.

Loyalists know you genuinely care about them, they believe in your cause, and they bond with other employees.

Mercenaries, on the other hand, are always looking for the next biggest check – whether it’s with your company or not.

If your only differentiator is you pay the most, don’t be surprised when they pick up and leave for $5 more an hour!

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