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Since our starting point in 1989, MyEmployees has learned a thing or two about employee recognition & engagement and leadership development.

We’re humbled when we receive honors and accolades for all our hard work in helping each of our clients engage their workforce and we thought you would appreciate knowing who you’re working with too!

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Built to Lead:

7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager

Built to Lead, written by MyEmployees CEO, David Long, reached #1 on Amazon’s Bestsellers List for Business Leadership 5 TIMES, and #10 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List- capped off in 2015 when David received a Platinum Reader’s Legacy Award!

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“Employees care most about cash”

The quick answer? False.

Employees care most about interesting work or work that contributes to a greater purpose and they care 2nd most about appreciation from their managers.

Cash isn’t even 3rd on their list…or 4th!

Here’s what employees value vs. what their managers think they value.

There’s quite the disconnect:

Surprised? I know.

You’re thinking, “but I asked my team members and they told me they would rather have money instead of awards!”


Confused yet? There are a few reasons why.

“Don’t Show Me the Money” by Victoria Shaffer, Ph.D. shares groundbreaking research regarding the effectiveness of cash versus non-cash rewards, scientifically supporting exponential benefits of non-cash incentives.

It’s human nature to want control and options. That’s one reason employees may tell you they prefer money when directly compared to a non-cash award. It’s psychology. The fungibility of cash puts them in control.

But cash doesn’t inspire feelings of appreciation and it won’t provide the best return on your investment.

In fact, a study conducted by WorldatWork found that non-cash rewards achieved 3x the return on investment than cash-based incentives.

Did you know most people spend their cash rewards on bills?

No trophy value.

Dust in the wind.

Well-executed awards and recognition programs win every time, according to really, really smart people like scientists and engagement experts.



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