Published again! Putting People 1st

Published again! Putting People 1st

computerworld-logo300x300MyEmployees COO, Adam Tartt, was recently featured in Computerworld’s article, Putting People First: The Power of Employee Engagement!

Decades of data have established a definitive connection between profitability & employee engagement.

Check out the write-up HERE to find out what the top companies are doing to better engage their teams & why it’s so important.



book club - dave leadingOur weekly book club meetings at MyEmployees engage our team members by focusing on their personal development.

Hosting a book club is a game-changer for company culture & will quickly differentiate your team’s work environment from that of your competitors. Great way to stand out!

Curious about the effects book club could have on your team? Check out what our employees think.



“Employee recognition affects your bottom line.”

FACT! How & why, exactly? Simple. Recognition positively affects employee engagement & engaged employees take care of the rest!

Consistently recognizing your A-players keeps your team more productive and your business more profitable.

This chart is from 2013 but the numbers have barely changed! (only by 1%)
This chart is from 2013 but the numbers have barely changed! (only by 1%)


How about the cost of Employee Turnover?

And what about turnover? Do you know what it costs to lose just one employee?

If your recognition programs save even one employee from leaving your company per year, your efforts have usually paid for themselves many times over.

Not sure what it costs to lose an employee? Our Employee Turnover Calculator can help you figure that out.


10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You, and How To Stop Them


Can you honestly say why employees stay with your company? If not, you need to spend some time figuring that out before you lose your best people.

There are dozens, even hundreds of reasons why good employees leave their jobs. Here are some of our top picks from human resources and employee engagement thought leaders on what might be causing your employee retention problems.

Check out this article!



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