How spoofing Watch Me by Silento improves employee engagement

When rolling out a new company initiative, buy-in from your team is crucial.

In our case, our marketing department (a.k.a. “The Dream Factory”) came up with a brilliant idea to shoot a music video spoof using Silento’s “Watch Me.”

At the time, the team had no idea what the video was for. They were just having fun with the process.

The final result was revealed at our weekly book club meeting, and received with resounding excitement. Workplace pride inadvertently developed. Team members shared the video on social media with posts like “Check out what we did at work!” and “I love my job!”

By involving the team in the video, we fanned the flames of strong workplace culture, gave the team something they could bond over and be proud of, and generated a huge level of excitement for the new mindset we want to develop.