Great Advice to Help You Destroy Worry

Wise people say that there is one joy-thief that beats all others: stress-induced worry.

What’s got you stressed out? For some, it’s a task at work. For others, something at home is weighing heavy on their heart and mind. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Thankfully, there is a way out. We know because we’ve seen it work for people in real life situations.

We’ve got true stories from real people that suffered under the burden of stress and worry, and, more importantly, how they beat it.


Stress Management Solutions

A Word from “Jerr Bear”

First, here’s a street-wise word from our very own Jerry (AKA “Jerr Bear”), who’s no stranger to being Salesman Of The Year & always offers fantastic advice to our team members: 


I used to be one of the biggest worrywarts- no kidding! I would stress about all the little things; things that I knew I couldn’t change yet would worry about them until they would make me sick! When I was in Arizona, a friend of mine gave me a book called “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.”  It changed my life!! I know that stress can affect work, home life, and even friendships! I needed to learn how to stop worrying about things I could not change.  Because I would stress about them a lot!! You see, when your mind focuses on one thing, it cannot be fully giving to ANY other task at hand!!  ‘Leave it at the door’ is a saying that I like, no matter what…home going to work or work going home.  Always do your best to stay happy as well and upbeat.  A lot of the times those emotions can push the bad ones out of the way!!


This week’s #1 piece of advice

EAT THE FROG. The great Brian Tracy tells all about it in this short video (Click the image to view the video)maxresdefault


What You Can Do RIGHT NOW

Control the things you can control, like knocking out your most dreaded or time-consuming task FIRST. Every day. Eat that big ole’ “bullfrog” on your plate now to avoid having to stare at it all day or worse, all week, month, or year!

Need to talk to someone about something that’s worrying you? Do it now. Got a massive project that’s been hanging over your head? A report to write? Book you need to read? An email to answer? Do. It. Now.

Just try it and see how the rest of your day or week goes. See if you are less stressed and able to be more present in your work and at home, like ole’ “Jerr Bear” recommended. Get rid of that one looming distraction that plagues your every thought. Cure yourself of that scourge!

Taking your “work worries” home and your “home worries” to work are both terrible ideas, yet many of us do it every day. “Eating your frog” is just one way to majorly impact your life, both at work and at home. Best of all, it’s something you can choose to do now. Like He-Man, YOU “have the power!” you have the power


Recommended Reading

For more on how you can manage stress and destroy worry, here’s a book we recommend: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 

As Jerry mentioned, this book significantly impacted his life. We also read it in our book club that we host here at MyEmployees, and it’s had the same impact on many of our people.

stop worrying start living


Plenty More Where That Came From

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