Got millennials? July 2017 newsletter

We hope you had a wonderful July 4th!


If one picture is worth a thousand words, here’s at least 2000 words-worth from the MyEmployees family to you…but you know, without so many words.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, this video from last month’s Employee Appreciation Day is worth…. one million words?

But words aren’t completely worthless, especially if they’re published!

Here’s a recent article featuring three of our MyEmployees team members giving their words of wisdom about hiring and attracting all star employees:

7 Tips to Hire Quality Restaurant Staff.

*These tips are general enough to apply to ANY industry so check them out!

Got Millenials?


Get to Know Your Customers Day is coming up again next Thursday 7/20!

Finding out what makes your customers “tick” will help your team better engage with them & show them you care.

And not just once a year- it’s observed the 3rd Thursday of every quarter…

Get to Know Your Customer Day is officially hashtag-able. This sounds like a job for your millennial team members!

Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with your millennials by putting a few in charge of getting customer stories & testimonials.

Then have them help your location share on social media & hashtag it up!


You can rotate the members of your “Get to Know Your Customers Team” each quarter too, regularly giving new opportunities for your employees to engage with your customers!

Everyone likes a story & everyone likes to have customers so it’s a win-win.

And your customers are certainly on social media unless they live on another planet…

…one without lightspeed internet.

“It’s best to let employees ‘take turns’ winning awards”

MYTH! Employees “taking turns” winning awards is potentially the worst idea in the history of recognition. And that’s a bold statement considering how often recognition programs are mismanaged.

  • You might show some team members you care because you’re trying to do something nice (while running the risk of upsetting your best employees- oops! Forgot this is the “Pros” list…actually that’s it anyway).


  • Awarding someone who didn’t earn it destroys the credibility of your recognition program.
  • You miss the opportunity to show the whole team what behaviors you want to see repeated.
  • You risk upsetting your most engaged team members who actually deserve the awards.
  • You miss out on a big incentive for your best team members to keep working for you.
  • You miss an opportunity to encourage your winners’ current path of excellence.
  • You give little incentive for your worst team members to improve or leave. So they’ll just keep showing up…doing how they do…and not much else.
  • You waste money on awards! There’s almost no ROI when awards are used randomly for little-known reasons.
  • The awards will not help you create a culture of improvement and excellence.

Worried some of your team members will never be recognized if you don’t take turns letting them win? Don’t be.

There are other ways to show employees you appreciate them without giving them an award.

Even if someone isn’t consistent enough (yet!) to win an award, you can still encourage them with a verbal “thank you” or hand-written card.

Here’s a helpful tool you can download for FREE to keep up with who’s being recognized and who isn’t.

The value of the ERR Chart is using it to identifying both team members who are rock stars and which ones are slipping through the cracks or need some extra guidance.

Want to show all of your team members you care?

Have a luncheon or team-building event.

You don’t even have to wait until Employee Appreciation Day.

We highly recommend doing special things for your whole team as often as you can!

But not everyone deserves an award!


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