Why Focus Will Change Your Life

Who determines where you focus? YOU!

Great news for both managing stress and finding success. YOU get to choose whether to focus on the negative or the positive, worries or solutions, meeting challenges or giving into distractions.

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Stress Management Solutions

Gina gina

One of our world-class and front-line employees, shares some helpful words of wisdom:

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls with unexpected events. We all respond differently to them. Having gone through a traumatic personal life event, I know that stress management is important to my well-being. However, I can’t say that I have mastered it. 

The way I manage the reality of my personal stress at work is to practice gratitude. I always celebrate any small ‘wins.’ I have to stay focused on what is going right.”


#1 piece of advice

meditationFOCUS ON WHAT IS GOING RIGHT and the negative will melt away, decreasing your levels of stress and freeing up your brain to move on to bigger and better things.

To get an idea of the amount of negative thinking going on, consider your time spent worrying about what COULD go wrong. It’s astounding.

“My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” – Michel de Montaigne

Did you know 85% of your worries never actually come true? Crazy but true. Learn some of the science behind it HERE.


Don’t Sweat the Fiction bombardment

Don’t waste your time stressing out about that 85% of total fiction in your head! If you ever fall into that thought trap, this one single alteration to your “worry habits” would have a profound impact on your life.

Instead, strive to have an attitude of gratitude. Here are 3 reasons why that’s paramount:

  • Your mindset will shift
  • You will move towards solutions much faster
  • It’s contagious


For more details, check out Adam Toren’s article, 3 Reasons You Should Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude.


Weeds in the Garden of your mind

Like Gina said, she has not “mastered” stress management. None of us have! We all get overwhelmed (and underwhelmed too).

Like many things, positively managing stress is an ongoing, everyday decision. The moment you think “I’ve arrived at mastery!” is the moment our guard is let down again and the weeds of worry can take root in the garden of your mind.

Want a few more quick tips and easy actions you can take right now to reduce your stress levels?

Here are six scientifically proven, very quick techniques to reduce your stress levels– advice from medical professionals that isn’t drugs! Shocker! Learn more at 6 Surprising Stress Fixes.


Key takeaways

These are all backed by medical professionals (Spoilers if you haven’t read the above article).

  • Express love and appreciation more
  • Express and focus on negativity less
  • Take some time to “unplug” and stop the constant bombardment
  • Focus on what you value the most


And our #1 piece of advice: FOCUS ON WHAT IS GOING RIGHT


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