Finally, An Actually Useful Approach to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a management and leadership issue.

If you’re worried about getting the employees on your team to perform at their best, first you have to look inward. You’re their leader; so LEAD!

For nearly 30 years, we’ve partnered with thousands of managers from the world’s largest brands. We’ve heard their frustrations, and, more importantly, we’ve learned from their victories.

We used that experience to create STAR Culture: a simple, proven system for growing a culture of engaged employees.

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Have you ever been faced with a problem you didn’t fully understand?

Maybe you knew what the problem was, but had no idea where to start fixing it.

Or… you had a plan but life kept happening and you got further and further from improvements.

Then, once you finally got through all that, you never really knew if all your effort even mattered.

That’s what employee engagement is like for many managers in the workforce today. We know because we’ve heard it first hand.

As we created STAR Culture, we learned about two significant challenges directly from the lips of our clients:

  1. Employee engagement surveys fall short because they stop at your engagement score without ever telling you what to do to improve it.
  2. Leadership training alone doesn’t solve anything because you don’t know exactly what issue you should be addressing.


STAR Culture cures both simultaneously by combining them into a unified system, and then supercharging that system with the secrets of the most successful leaders in the country.


Survey: First, you can’t address an issue you don’t understand. Use a simple assessment to gather honest, anonymous employee feedback.

Train: Use what you learn from those assessments to capitalize on your strengths and improve weaknesses. STAR Culture creates a custom training program of short-burst leadership tutorials based on nearly three decades of real-world engagement experience.

Act: Work with your personal engagement coach to roll out your new strategies and specific action items. Your engagement coach is your accountability partner, and helps you keep your program on track.

Refine: Finally, take the guesswork out of success with regular survey assessments to track and measure your results. Your engagement coach stays with you as your program grows and evolves with your team, your challenges, and workplace culture.

It’s alarmingly simple, yet incredibly effective.

Higher employee engagement scores are possible. More motivation… reducing turnover… keeping your best employees… attracting top-level talent… it’s all possible.

Grow a culture of engaged employees. Find out how STAR Culture will help you make a positive, lasting impact in your workplace.


Matthew Coleman

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