How do you feel about boss hugs?

Whether you’re “THE” boss, “A” boss, or someone who will secretly be plotting an awkward hug at work after reading this, you better decide how you feel fast because National Hug Your Boss Day is coming up this Friday 9/15!

And for the millennials & tech-savvy folks, Hug Your Boss Day is officially hashtag-able.


Here are a few more noteworthy (national/international) recognition happenings this month you don’t want to miss…

Did you know THIS WEEK (September 10-16) is International Housekeepers Week -AND- National Assisted Living Week?

And do you have any I.T. employees? Because Tuesday 9/19 is National IT Professionals Day! (also hashtag-able #ITProDay)

We hate to see any opportunities for employee recognition go to waste because we know it works!! But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our clients and their employees have to say.

Did you know September is “Self Improvement Month”? Pretty cool how that worked out since MyEmployees is still reading a book on personal growth…

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

“It’s best to present awards in public.”

Fact! And this is something a surprising number of our clients often miss…

Presenting awards in a group setting with as many employees as possible lets EVERYONE in attendance know what behaviors you want to see repeated. And it confirms in their mind they’ll be appreciated for their extra efforts.

If your employees don’t see & hear the recognition happen, they won’t be impacted nearly as much, or worse – not at all. Seeing winners’ names on plaques in the break room or hallway (if they even notice without seeing some hoopla first) is a great reminder but it’s not the main event.

The main event is presenting the award LIVE, where you can articulate (in front of everyone) exactly why an employee is being recognized. This is what builds your company culture.

For employees RECEIVING the awards, the feeling of being recognized in front of peers & managers is truly amazing, making their experience one to remember!


Try taking pictures of managers with winners too! This makes their “moment in the sun” an even bigger deal and certainly feels more official to everyone involved or watching.


Yes. You. Can. Even if you have to improvise…

Try doing the first presentation of a monthly award in a smaller group huddle to keep your public recognition timely. Then, at the next bigger meeting that includes more employees, revisit ALL the winners you’ve had since the last big meeting and publicly recognize them AGAIN, but this time in front of EVERYONE.

That’s what makes the biggest impact. Just try it. You won’t want to go back to the old way once you see the difference it makes in your team members.

Many of our clients have employees that ask how they can win and be recognized after witnessing a recognition ceremony. But who wants their team members engaging in ways to become better employees, right?

The point of it all? Make it unavoidably known that you and your team’s leaders officially & consistently care and what it is you care about. If your employees know you care, they will too. It really is that simple.

“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” — Abraham Lincoln


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