February 2017: Mammoth Myth, Kids Making It, and Employee Appreciation Day

Employees should only be eligible to win awards after being employed for 3 months or more.

MYTH: Swing and a miss! The truth is, your newest team members are your most impressionable ones and more importantly, they are often most willing to give that extra level of discretionary effort (the very definition of “employee engagement”) at this stage in the game.

The moment they are done with initial training is the time to let them in on all the action! Yep, the beginning of a new employee’s journey with you is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME to engage them.

This approach accomplishes a few things:

  • sets the standard for your company culture
  • sets your expectations (and theirs)
  • allows you to reward them for meeting & exceeding those expectations
  • reignites the fire and hunger to win in your tenured employees


When your tenured employees see the fire ignited in the newer team members who are winning awards, that often reignites the fire for them too! Unless they are complete sticks in the mud, of course, and that’s a talk for another day.

Remember, employee recognition isn’t just about the people who are being recognized. It’s about the effects that well-managed and consistent recognition has on the whole team!

By the way, this only works if you have a solid foundation and criteria in place for picking who will be recognized. Then you can tell your tenured folks EXACTLY why they got spanked by the newbies when that happens. And it will happen. We’ve seen it over and over again in our own organization!

Super-pro Tip:  To foster growth and acceptance within your company’s culture, you can provide a separate recognition program for your newest people. When newer employees are not on a level playing field pertaining to winning Employee of the Month and other rewards, they’re more likely to leave. However, if they have their own category of award, you will have a chance to acknowledge their successes and contributions much earlier!

We Care If Kids Make It

Local non-profit organizations are the best to partner with because they have the most direct impact on the community and the people who are in need! That’s why MyEmployees teamed up with Kids Making It, a local organization that annually serves over 500 at-risk youth from 7 – early adulthood.

The goals of Kids Making It are for all kids in their program to stay in school, stay out of trouble, graduate and go on to jobs or college as a successful adult.

100% of active teens in their program graduate, with a < 2% “getting in trouble” rate!!!

Learn more and check out some of their beautiful success stories HERE.

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 3rd!

We do all sorts of things to show our employees how much we appreciate them every day of the year…but we would be remiss if we ignored Employee Appreciation Day next month!

Here’s a little peak at what we’ve done in the past to show our employees a little extra love.

What do you have planned for your team on March 3rd? Feel free to call 800-489-0230 and ask your Engagement Coach for some ideas. I know they will be happy to hear from you and help out!

Changing American Work Culture; One Manager At A Time.

Here in the US, we have a real problem with disengaged employees. On January 28, 2015, Amy Adkins of Gallup confirmed this when she released this: “Majority of US Employees Not Engaged Despite Gains in 2014.” As you can probably guess from that title, there’s good news and bad news.

In this blog we talk about strategies you can use to elevate the state of your workplace over and beyond the national average. Make your workplace the envy of your industry. Go read How to Transform Disengaged Employees Into Engaged Employees TODAY!


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