Which employee are you creating?

Did you know the same individual can be two completely different employees?

It’s mind-blowing and Simon Sinek hits the nail on the head in this video about the employee experience.

Only have a few minutes to watch?

Start at the 4:00 minute mark and watch at least to the 7:00 minute mark (if you can resist the urge to watch the entire video, that is).

A recognition program can do more harm than good.


Fact! An improperly managed recognition program can absolutely hurt your team.

Why? Because recognition & awards are just tools.

Like this hammer.

The hammer can be used to build a home or break a window for a robbery.

The user chooses.

Even someone using the hammer for the right reasons could get it wrong and make the tool incredibly less effective.


How to Get Employee Recognition Right

Because it’s de-motivating, a poorly executed employee recognition program is worse than having no recognition program at all.

MyEmployees COO, Adam Tartt, further unpacked this concept a few years ago when featured in David Drickhamer’s article “How to Get Employee Recognition Right” and the same principles are true today.


Here are some popular ways leaders often miss the mark with recognition programs

  1. Objective metrics for selecting winners are not agreed upon (or anything standard for that matter).
  2. Employees aren’t told what’s being measured or how to win so they don’t even try.  Instead of feeling motivated when winners are awarded, employees will be confused, indifferent, or jaded about who won. (often a symptom of #1 on this list)
  3. Employees aren’t awarded in a group setting. This approach ignores something very important: real recognition is an experience, not just a physical award.
  4. Employees voting for each other is the sole determinate of the team’s main awards instead of performance. (the best way to destroy a recognition program the fastest)
  5. Aspects of choosing winners are left to chance instead of being determined by performance. For instance, when employees get their name “put into a hat” if they do something good and there’s a random drawing to determine the winner, employees who do 1 good thing once could “beat” employees who do 20 good things consistently.
  6. Each employee gets a totally arbitrary “turn” to be awarded. (worse than “picking a name out of a hat” like #5)

As you can see, when it comes to recognition, there are plenty of ways to easily “get it wrong.”

Fortunately, “getting it right” is easy too, if you’re calling plays from the right playbook. It’s all about how the tool is used.


Successful monthly recognition in 3 steps

  1. Use objective metrics for picking winners, clearly & regularly expressed to your team.
  2. Be consistent from month to month.
  3. Make a big deal out of the award presentation with specificity & sincerity.


That’s the holy trinity of successful monthly recognition!

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