Do people want to work at your restaurant?

Ben hired 44 servers when he opened his restaurant. At the end of his first year, he had 41 of the original servers.

At the end of the second year, he still had 39 of those original servers.

That’s a great achievement in any industry, and that kind of employee retention is unheard of in the restaurant industry.


Looking back, Ben credits his that success to his commitment to employee appreciation, rewards & recognition.

When employee appreciation is done right you wind up with an atmosphere that inspires your employees, skyrockets results and turns guests into raving fans. Appreciating your employees for their hard work leads them to do more of it, and that leads to greater success for your restaurant.

Ultimately, Ben’s goal is to make his restaurant the best place to work in town. He knows that if he can make his restaurant the best place to be, and that people love working there, he’s naturally going to be busier than anyone else in town.

What do you do to make your restaurant a great place to work? How do you create a culture that gets employees excited about showing up to work every day, and giving you 100% effort on every shift?

loyaltyStart by looking for ways you can embrace and show employee appreciation on a regular basis. Employees who are treated with respect and loyalty from their leader are more likely to deliver the top notch customer service that keeps your customers happy and coming back for more.

Happy employees lead to happy guests. Happy guests dine with you more often, and spend more money with you when they do. That means a happier, friendlier atmosphere in your restaurant, and greater profitability on your bottom line.

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