Ascending & Descending Order Views in Rise

We know it’s all different strokes for different folks, and Rise is built to give you as much customization as possible.

Ascending & Descending Order

One of those features is listing your employees in ascending or descending order, based on your preference.

The default setting is descending, starting with the last employee where you recorded a note.


To reverse the order to ascending, and start the employee who’s gone the longest without hearing from you, take a trip to the settings at the top left of the home screen.

Toggle your preference

You’ll see the toggle button for “Order in ascending order” is set to its default position. Click the button to the right, and turn the ascending order on.

And now, your employees are listed by the employee who’s gone the longest without hearing from you, and you can make them next on your list.


To go back to the original view, just head back into the settings and click the button again. Everything will revert back to the original default settings.

How else can we help?

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