3 Ways to Motivate Your Seasonal Employees

As we move into the holiday selling season, many of you will be adding temporary, seasonal employees—both part-time and full-time.

This will undoubtedly put a strain on your core personnel as well as stress for new people who are coming on board in the midst of higher traffic and even higher customer expectations.

And it’s not only the winter holidays—lots of you have other seasons that call for extra help.

The same principles apply.

Everybody needs it

All of the major consumer outlets—hospitality, restaurants, groceries, department stores, big box stores, auto dealers, discount stores—will be counting on holiday sales to close out their year on a positive note.

Yet your ability to make the most of your seasonal sales depends a lot on how quickly you can bring on board a number of new employees and help them to become part of your team!

Here’s what you need to do…

Educate them

retail-trainingTake the time to get employees energized about your company and mission.

The more employees understand the big picture of your company values and purpose, the more they can tolerate the ups and downs of holiday shopping.

Show employees how to compute the Lifetime Customer Value at your store, and help them see how they contribute to maintaining and exceeding that value.

Be the leader

restaurant-managerYour demeanor, your positive attitude, and your leadership by example will go a long way to creating a cohesive team even with many new people.

Despite the stress of the season, this is the time to go overboard on positive recognition for your team’s efforts.

Give employees specific directions.

Focus on their strengths.

Reinforce what they are doing well.

Intervene on their behalf when they make mistakes.

Pump up the recognition


1978368_448058461995433_3759645458269103166_oIf you are already recognizing Employee of the Month, or something similar, add another award like

  • “Rookie of the Month”
  • “Mentor of the Week”
  • “Top Holiday Tree Decorator”

That encourages team-building and customer service excellence.

This is a very effective way to make seasonal employees feel more like a real part of the team.

You increase buy-in to the company vision in a short amount of time.

To add a new award to your current program, or to start a new program, contact us HERE and your Engagement Coach will be with you right away.

Who knows? Some of your seasonal people may be available time after time, and year after year, when you need temporary help.

Others may be ready to join your team full-time after their initial short-term engagement.

Whatever the outcome, your business success depends on your ability to bring employees up to speed on quality customer service for the holiday season.


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