Meet our seasoned leadership team. These folks work together to continuously improve MyEmployees. Their goal is to inspire and motivate every person at MyEmployees to provide you with the greatest possible experience.

David Long, CEO & Best-Selling Author

David is the founder and CEO of MyEmployees. The mighty company you see today all began in a 5’x5’ space in his parent’s garage nearly 30 years ago. His story and business philosophy are recounted in his Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Built to Lead: 7 Management REWARDS Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager. Built to Lead also took a Platinum Reader’s Legacy Choice Award in 2015. So when’s the next book coming out, Dave?

Adam Tartt, COO

Adam started with MyEmployees as a member of the production team in 1997. Through hard work, dedication, and a desire to learn and grow through every opportunity, Adam now oversees all operations of MyEmployees. If you’ve seen “Watch Me Lean, Watch Me 3S”, you’ll agree that Adam has no shame in front of a video camera.

Tony Robinson, Client Success Manager

Tony rose to this management position through superior performance in the Engagement Coach role. He brings the same passion and spirit that he delivered to each of his clients to the entire department. While customer care and exemplary service are top skills, his true talent lies in being able to grow a beard simply by thinking about it.

Melanie Greenough, Sales Manager

Most sales managers would say they lead a stable of race horses. Melanie leads a stable of unicorns. Melanie began her career with MyEmployees as a salesperson, and soon rocketed to prominence by closing some of the largest accounts in company history. Her knack for research, determination, and drive for success can’t be matched. She gets the same performance out of every member of her team. You should see some of the contests she comes up with for these people.

Joe Hernandez, Production Manager

Joe leads the crew that produces the finest quality awards that the industry has to offer. He started his career on the production room floor; his involvement in every process prepared him for the opportunity to lead his team to excellence in everything they put out. Combine that with his knowledge and application of lean manufacturing, and Joe’s team is the tightest ship this side of Lexus. He’s also our “go to” model when it’s time for brochure and magazine shoots.