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The Power of STAR Culture

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STAR Culture has had a dramatic affect
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STAR Culture Materials Preview

We’ve tailored the Courses to  the three learning styles: Auditory, Visual, Tactile. Each course will include videos, a printed module, and a follow-along workbook like you see below. Coaching is the bonus course that accents the five main STAR Culture courses: Communication, Motivation, Leadership,  Rewards & Recognition, and Development.

5 Modules + 1 Bonus Module

Bonus Module: Coaching

The Coaches Mindset



Downloadable Materials With Every Module

Check out a sample of the mini ebooks available with each module

The Survey Questions

The employee engagement survey in STAR Culture was developed by a team of I/O psychologists and designed to give you insight into the engagement levels of your team members.

This simple assessment allows you to gather honest, anonymous feedback that you can use to make improvements in your workplace culture.

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Business Impact Studies

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